"Applying for university is really exciting, and the critical thing is to find the right university for you."

Sue Rigby, Vice-Chancellor

Concerned about getting into University—exam results, fees or where to live?

Our 3,2,1, Go!大香伊在人线9网站 programme can help.

Find out how you might qualify for a guaranteed offer of a place, along with guaranteed accommodation.

大香伊在人线9网站We also have multiple ways for you to qualify for a partial scholarship.

So don't let your worries get in the way of your ambition.


Your place – guaranteed

大香伊在人线9网站Your academic qualifications may speak for you, but they're just one of the ways to show us who you are and what you can do.

大香伊在人线9网站Demonstrate your abilities in one of three ways, and we'll give you a guaranteed place - whatever your predicted or eventual grades.

Guaranteed places
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£750 to help fund your uni life

We know it’s important that you keep pushing yourself, developing your skills and being the best you can be.

That's why, alongside guaranteed places大香伊在人线9网站, we’re offering a Talent and Excellence Scholarship.

Talent and Excellence scholarship
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Your accommodation – guaranteed

大香伊在人线9网站If you make us your first choice and are entering a full-time undergraduate course in September 2019, you’ll receive a guaranteed offer of accommodation.

大香伊在人线9网站That's one essential thing sorted, before you even begin.

Guaranteed accommodation
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